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Things to do

Scuba diving

There are many diving spot around Tokashiki.Several diving shop are located in Aharen town.It costs around 5000 yen/boat dive.Well-kown world top 3 of Transparency!! CUTION! Self diving is prohibited for safty.

scuba diving scuba diving


It can be enjoied both Aharen and Tokashiku beach.Some sea turtles living in Tokashiku beach.

snorkeling with sea turtle snorkeling

Sea kayaking

Renting a sea kayak costs 2000 yen/first hour,1000/next per hour.Guided sea kayaking tour 9000 yen/one day,5000/half day

sea kayaking sea kayaking


Some shops offer the boat fishing.Please ask us detail.

fishing skipjack

Whale watching

Humpback whales come around Kerama islands from Alaska in winter(Jan-Mar) Whale waching tour costs around 5000 yen(3-5 hours)

whale watching whale watching


Some places to eat and drink are in Aharen town and one in Tokashiku.They offer Okinawan,Japanese,Western food and drinks.

tohi tyamplu inside of Barrak


One grocery store in Aharen town.You can get drinks,bred,vagetables,snacks and so on.Products of Tokashiki are salled in the Tokashiki port passanger hall.Tuna jerky is famous and popular.

jerry tuna jerky
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