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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you pick us up from the Tokashiki port?
Yes,we will pick you up just on your arrival from Tokashiki port.Please let us know which boat will you take. We wait for you with sign board at Tokashiki tokashiki port
Where is the port thatdeparture for Tokashiki island in Naha/Okinawa main land?
It is Tomari port,Naha. Please find it on Google map.
How long does it take from Tomari port to Tokashiki?
It takes 35 minutes by Express boat and 70 minutes by Slow ferry.
How do we get boat tickets?
Please buy tickets at ticket counter in Tomari port in cash.No credit card available.
Are there any places to eat around the cabin?
No there isn't. Cottages are sourounded by the park and trees. Take free transportation service when you eat out.barak restrant okinawa soba
Are there any restaurants for breakfast?
No places open in the morning for breakefast.All guest buy or bring food for it.
Do you provide any meals?
Sorry We don't provide any meals.Please buy or bring it.
How many cottages there are?
There are only two cottages. The photo of cottages is above.
What time is check-in?
It is around 13:00.
What time is check-out?
It is 10:00. We can keep your big baggages after check-out.
Is there car parking near by?
Yes there is Free parking next to cabins.
Is it possible to drink water from the tap?
Yes,it is drinkable water.
Can we rent a bicycle?
Yes,you can. There is bicycle for rent close by Tokashiki port.rental shop bike for rent for rent
Can we rent a BBQ grill?
Yes,you can rent it 1000yen/night. Please buy or bring food and charcole.
I wold like to scuba diving or other marine sports.Do you have any recommendations?
Yes we have some recommendations that have used before.Ask us detail by mail. I reply immediately.
Are there supermarkets?
A supermarket(JA store) is in Tokashiki town and some generalshops as well.We can go there on the way to the cabin.
How far from the Tokashiki port to the cabin?
It takes 10 minutes by car.
How long does it take from the cabin to the Aharen beach?
It takes approximately 20minute by foot and 5 minutes by car.
Do you have laundry service?
No we don't. I show you coinlaundry around the Aharen beach.
Do you provide towles?
No we don't basically. Please bring your owen.
Is there ATM on Tokashiki?
Yes,there is ATM at Post office.They accepet International credit card.It Close sunday.
What is the best method for payment?
Please pay the lodging fee at the time of check-in by cash in Japanese yen.we canft accept any credit cards.
Do you have Free Wi-Fi?
No,we don't it yet.We are nagotiating with Tokashiki village now.Free Wi-Fi available at Tokashiki port and Aharen beach.
If we can't go Tokashiki due to Bad weather(big wave or Typhoon) do you take cancel fee?
No we don't take cancel fee that makes natural desease.
Is there Air conditon in the cabin?
Yes there is and it is free.
How cold in winter?
Average temperature in winter is 16C(61F),coldest is 10C(50F).Water temperatur is around 20C(68F).It is mostly cloudy and wind blows from north,so feel colder than temperature.
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