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Getting there and Around

From Naha Air port to Tomari port ferry terminal(Tomarin)

  • Taxi takes 20-30 minutes and costs around 1200 yen.
  • Bus takes 30-40 minutes.200 yen.
  • Monorail(Yui rail) 15 minutes.After getting off at Miebashi station and walk 15 minutes.
Ferry tarminl Tomarin ticket counter

Ferry Tokashiki and Express boat Marine liner Tokashiki

Slow ferry Ferry Tokashiki(70 minutes) Vehicle loadable
On season(March-Sept)
From Tomari port 10:00. From Tokashiki port 16:00
Off season(Oct-Feb)
From Tomari port 10:00. From Tokashiki port 15:30

Adult 3160 yen,Child 1580 yen(Round ticket)

Ferry Tokashiki Ferry Tokashiki
Express boat Marine liner Tokashiki(35 minutes)
On season(March-Sept) Extra(Golden week,Jul,Aug)
From Tomari port 9:00,13:00,16:30
From Tokashiki port 10:00,14:00,17:30
Off season(Oct-Feb)
From Tomari port 9:00,16:00
From Tokashiki port 10:00,17:00

Adult 4740 yen,Child 2380 yen(round ticket)

Tomari port north pier Fast boat Marine liner Tokashiki
    Online booking
    Tokashiki online ticket booking
  • You can buy boat ticket only ticket counter at Tomari port,Naha.
  • No credit card acceptable.
  • Slow ferry leaves front of Tomarin ferry terminal building,BUT Express boat leaves from The Tomari north pier. 5minutes walk from Tomari terminal building. Ticket office is also there. Don't confuse the boat for Zamami island. All sign bord are written in Japanese.
  • They accept booking at the day 2 month before.
ferry tokashiki marine liner tokashiki

From or to Zamami island or Aka island.

  • Public boat(Mitsushima) departure and arrive at Aharen port,Tokashiki.9:05 and 16:05.(From Zamami port at 8:30 and 15:30)
  • Basically two boats a day.It takes 35 minutes and costs 700 yen/person.The capacity of the boat is 12 persons.
  • You need to book it in advance till 5pm previous day. +81-98-987-2614 8:30-17:00 (They prefer Japanese speaker)
  • 10 minutes walk from and to Aharen town.
  • We can book it instead of you.
A boat to Zamami at Aharen port,Tokashiki island

Getting around

We provide a pick up service from port to the cottages, beaches and eatout.

Renting a car

Kujira rent a car and offer car rental.A small car DAIHATSU MIRA costs around 6ooo yen 12hours,TOYOTA Passo costs around 8,000 yen/12hours.It is not included petrol and insurance.Ofcourse they require International car license.

Renting Moter bike and Bicycle

Two rent shop are near by Tokashiki port.Moter bike costs around 2700jpy/12hours,Bicyle 1000jpy/12hours.

Bringing vehicle from Naha

Ferry Tokashiki takes any vehicles to Tokashiki.You need book it in advance.We can book it instead of you please let us know your car lenght.You need to arrive 9 am at Tomari port.

The fee of vechle(Depends on length of veichle)(for round-trip)
3m-4m 13,100 yen
4m-5m 17,460
5m-6m 21,800
6m-7m 26,200
7m-8m 30,540
Ferry Tokashiki
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