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The Kerama Islands National park lie about 30 km to the west of Naha City, mainland Okinawa.Tokashiki Island is the largest in the island group.Located in the middle of the Japan Current flew from the southern area.

Tokashiki Island is blessed with the marvelous seas famous for the clean blue water that is listed among the top five transparent waters in the world.

The Log Cabins we take care are situated in the mountain area that overlooks the sparking seas of the Kerama Channel. The Log Cabins remote from local residential areas provide you special time in the quiet atmosphere.Having a barbecue with your mates in evening breezes will be a great experience for you.

The excellent time spent in rich Nature of Kerama national park will release your tension of your daily life.In July 2006, our family absorbed in the splendid seas, Tokashiki Island, and Okinawa became the caretaker of The Log Cabins.

We wish you will discover real yourself during your stay in our favorite Tokashiki Island, one of the most impressive islands in Kerama islands National park,Okinawa.

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