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Tetsuji Yamamoto

Born in Kobe,Hyogo 1975.After I graduated from the university, I was greatly influenced by books of a certain writer and traveled alone for three months from Istanbul to Cairo. On the way, I got a diving license in Egypt (the Red Sea) and experienced the magical features of the sea.I heard about Tokashiki Island from a friend I met in Cairo. I visited Tokashiki for the first time, and continuously, I worked for one year and a half in Tokashiki Island.Then, I restarted on a journey to Southeast Asia. With my wife (at that time, we were not married yet), I traveled in that region for about six months. After we returned to Japan, we got married and had three children.Our married life began in Kobe, but both of us could not forget the wonderfulness of the seas of Kerama and the delightful life in Tokashiki Island. Finally, our family moved to Okinawa again in 2004.In summer 2006, we became the caretaker of the Log House (cottages) in Tokashiki Island.


Nanami Yamamoto

Born in Hiroshima 1978.My first diving experience during a family trip to Iriomote Island in junior high school days.I became fascinated with the charms of the seas of Okinawa, and soon got a diving license. I had dreamed of gthe life on southern islandh since I was a child. At the age of 20, I decided to come to Tokashiki Island.I arrived in Tokashiki one week before Tetsuji came. I worked for one year and a half atgScuba&Restrant&Accommodation Sea Friendh where Tetsuji was employed.In the same way, she could not forget the Seas of Tokashiki Island in her married life in Kobe. She desired to raise her kids in tenderhearted Tokashiki Island blessed by rich Nature (the seas and the mountains), and moved to Tokashiki again.


Our hearts

Each of us was born and grew up in the distinct environment from Tokashiki Island and had no connections to Okinawa and Tokashiki Island.Both of us happened to come to Tokashiki Island. Fortunately, we had chances to learn various features of Tokashiki Island throughout a year while we worked in Tokashiki.

  • Wonderful, splendid seas
  • Children, cared for by local people on this small island and grown up healthy
  • Stillness, we wake up by a gentle sound of the waves
  • Fresh seafood, we have become very fond of in our island life
  • Silvery Aharen Beach, shined with moonlights on a night with a full moon
  • Warm-hearted islanders
  • Inexpressible sunsets
  • Savory Awamori liquor, we drink under the innumerable stars in gentle evening breezes

These enduring memories that let us decide to move here are just simple appeals of Tokashiki Island.We would like you to enjoy the charms of Tokashiki Island during your limited stay here. Also, we are willing to help you to have touching experience and to refresh your mind and body.We try to keep up a cozy environment for you to enjoy the precious time with your family and friends. We also endeavor to study culture, folklore, Nature, and history of Tokashiki Island and Okinawa day by day and to respond to your questions and needs promptly. We are happy to recommend Tokashiki Island we love as the special island surrounded by one of the most beautiful seas. Hoping to share abundant charms of our favorite Tokashiki Island with youc

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